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In light of the amended adjusted LEVEL 4 regulations stating that religious leaders can now host gatherings at community engagements to deal with emergency matters, we will be embarking on an exciting new initiative to #CleanUpOurCity.

When the world is at its darkest, it is our responsibility to shine our light the brightest & and what better way to do that than by cleaning up the neighbourhoods, communities, and businesses most affected by the recent unrest in South Africa.

We’re inviting you to join the movement by:

Identifying Clean Up opportunities in your area.

Submitting your Clean Up Project to and letting us know what your project is about and what tools people would need to bring with them on the day to make it happen.

Once the project is approved, we’ll upload it onto the SERVE DAY APP and we will soon invite others to select a project - like yours - on the App that they would like to serve in.

Thank you CFC family

step one

Identifying clean up opportunities in your area.