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Our Mission:

​SIGNIFICANCE is a united movement to enable women throughout the world to fulfill their God- given destiny through Conferences, Meetings, Events, and Living Life groups that emphasize the promises of God's word.

Our Vision:​

To be a global movement uplifting, empowering and encouraging women according to God’s Word that we may all walk in His freedom and joy to be a voice for orphans and abused women.​

Significance Women's Movement

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August is Women’s Month and we’re celebrating & highlighting ALL. THINGS. WOMEN.

So as a church, we’ll be taking time to reflect on the achievements of women, and the imperative role that women play in South Africa and around the world.

As part of the initiative, we’ll be sharing encouraging messages by Dr Bev, information and resources that you can access by following the Significance SA Facebook and Instagram pages or by visiting 

Happy Women’s Month!




The issue of femicide and abuse of women has been cast into the spotlight over the past two weeks as the nation was rocked by a spate of brutal incidents.

We cannot remain silent when our sisters, mothers and daughters live under the threat of violence in their homes and communities.

As Christian Family Church International, we would like to state as clearly and strongly as we can that violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified. Violence in any form—physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal"—is sinful; often, it is a crime as well. We call for a moral revolution to replace a culture of violence. We acknowledge that violence has many forms, many causes, and many victims—and we stand with the victims and their families as they endure the pain of their experiences.

Today, we come against the evil spirit that seeks to steal, kill and destroy in our nation and we declare that South Africa will not be a statistic; we declare that love abounds in our nation and that women of all colours, nationalities and creeds will be treated with the love, honour and respect that they deserve in Jesus’ name!


Women are at the heart of the nation, city and family and have a natural passion against injustice. Empowering women and caring for widows and orphans are high on our agenda and we support these causes with our time, resources and finance.

Image by Sam Manns
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