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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ


It is with great excitement that we have learned that churches are classified now as an essential service and that gatherings can take place not exceeding 50 people. This is only effective from Stage 3, commencing on 1 June 2020. Therefore, services and all other church operations will continue to follow the status quo, until 31 May 2020.


We will continue to Livestream our services on Facebook, YouTube and directly on our website. We will continue to communicate any changes first to you our congregation, as soon as we are able to inform you of the plan of action going forward.


We will be opening up opportunities at the church building for the following types of services; prayer meetings, leadership meetings, training and for small gatherings of no more than 50 people. As stated above, we’ll be live-streaming our 08:30 am and 5 pm services, so we kindly ask that until official communication is sent out from the church, please do not arrive at the church premises at this moment in time.


We believe that each member must decide for themselves whether or not to attend, based upon their personal health risk assessment and taking into account the possible knock-on effect on the most vulnerable members of our society. We trust that you will take this into consideration and help us in ensuring your safety and that of others.


We love you, and until then we are one day closer to being together.


If you have any questions, please contact us via your Leaders, Facebook, WhatsApp or telephone.


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