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"Protect Children SA" Initiative


Family Policy Institute (FPI) launched its “Protect Children SA” campaign on 3 October 2022 to urgently warn parents and educators about the growing dangers embedded in “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) and “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (SOGI) policies currently imposed on South Africa’s public schooling system by radical foreign groups.


Following the successful “CESE Africa Summit” in Pretoria recently, Sharon Slater, President of “Family Watch International” (FWI) and the “UN Family Rights Caucus” provided irrefutable evidence that several UN agencies like UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and the WHO are driving the global sexual rights agenda in the education systems of nations.  CSE and SOGI are propaganda tools for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and radical LGBTQ groups and used primarily to indoctrinate innocent children with diabolical abortion and “sexual rights” deception to advance their agenda.


Although CSE is currently not compulsory in SA schools, UN agencies and the proposed EU-ACP Agreement compel participating nations to make CSE and SOGI mandatory at all levels of education. The only defence innocent children have against this diabolical assault on their innocence and health are parents, grandparents and the Christian Church. Parental authority is also being severely eroded.


FPI is utilising paid advertising on social media to target parents and educators with the truth about the origins and purpose of CSE and SOGI. In addition, we offer parents and educators “Smart Choices” the safe, values-based sexuality education curriculum as a credible alternative to CSE.  We encourage parents and educators to select “Smart Choices” as their preferred sexuality education program to protect innocent children from the harmful abortion and LGBTQ propaganda embedded in CSE and SOGI programs. FWI warns, “the sexual rights agenda is growing more depraved with each passing day.”


The only way parents can protect their children from being indoctrinated with perversion in the public schooling system is by contacting their child(rens) School Governing Body (SGB) and withdrawing them from CSE and SOGI instruction. Parents can also request SGB’s select “Smart Choices” as an alternative to CSE/SOGI because they trust the content. We are assisting parents with these facts.


 We can overcome this godless assault on the innocence of children and parental authority if we stand together.  If respected Christian leaders like you publicly speak out against CSE/SOGI we will defeat it - for our children’s sake.


Our school children are in grave danger. They are being sexualized and groomed in the education system to advance a wicked agenda which includes the normalisation of paedophilia. We must stand together and act now.

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