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We have restaurants, a bookstore & a spa

The CFC Mall


We know from experience that people just love to fellowship and for this reason, we have a beautiful mall area where members and visitors can get together both before and after services.  The Mall boasts our restaurant where you can enjoy a quality breakfast, lunch or supper and there is also a food court with three outlets for fast-food and coffee that you can enjoy either on the premises or to take-way.

We also have a sweet shop to accommodate for kiddie cravings!


Be sure to stop by our I Am Worthy Spa, where part of the proceeds go to the plight of orphans and abused women.


For your convenience, there is also a Bookstore.


There are screens throughout the Mall where a variety of sports programs can be viewed both on weekends and during the week and any major sporting events are aired for your convenience.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to join you for a beautiful experience.






We have the following facilities for our members:

​Dr Theo Auditorium - 503  people max capacity

Dr Bev Auditorium - 250  people max capacity

Sheila Palmer Room - 160  people max capacity

Theatre - 500  people max capacity

Main Auditorium - 3403  people max capacity

Break Away Rooms - 10  people max capacity

VC Board Room - 8-10  people max capacity

CFC Mall Area - 500  people max capacity


Fully equipped with audio/visual equipment & prep kitchens. There is ample secure parking with 24hr Security. 

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