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Get Connected

It's Pretty Easy


At CFC, we are all about connection. It's about first connecting with God and then with others. We understand that loving God means loving others.

Our church is designed around this culture and we try to make it as easy as possible for every single person to be connected.

Take a bit of time to learn how CFC can help you to grow in your personal walk as well as engaging and uplifting the community around you.

Learn more about becoming a member of Christian Family Church.

Growth Track is where you can identify your strengths, figure out where you would love to be involved and learn how to be a leader.

It's a great place to start if you are new to our church. 

Small Groups are the heart of CFC.

Small Groups are the heart of CFC. This is where the shepherding takes place. Having a connection with other like-minded people and believers is so important. At a church as large as ours, this most often takes place in small groups. We come together on Sundays to worship & hear the Word and during the week we fellowship, share common interests, study, reach out or enjoy curriculum to help us GROW. There are many types of Groups to choose from. Take a look... Join a small group today!

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