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Small Groups

Freedom Groups

What are Freedom Groups?

Freedom Groups are the in-depth “Counselling” arm of our church. It is how we care and minister for those who are facing challenges from their past or current. Freedom Groups gather weekly in-person or online to discuss the Small Group curriculum. It is highly important to join our Freedom Curriculum first which pinpoints areas that have perhaps got you stuck & it highlights things to deal with that cause the challenges you face. This way you have deep-rooted victory. We end off this Group experience with our anointed Freedom Conference, which is a phenomenal event, where the Spirit of God moves mightily to bring liberty to all. Each Group curriculum is designed to help you overcome your specific challenge and stand victorious with Jesus. You can then choose to become a Freedom Group Leader and help others on their journey to victory or simply join another Small Group once your
journey is complete or simultaneous.

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Please view the table below to see the Freedom Groups available at our church. If you would like to join a group please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Find a Freedom Group” button.

Winning Addiction
(Project Exodus):

16 Weeks [R500]

This group is to help people with any form of addiction that they may be struggling with. It is an outpatient program to help look at the root cause of the addiction and how to deal with it. It also helps the person to build a lasting relationship with God. They discover who they are and learn not to relapse or fall back with any triggers.

14 Weeks [R250]

We offer support to anyone who is facing grief due to the loss of a loved one. We help you to work through all the thoughts and emotions that accommodate grief. We teach you about every stage of grief that you
will experience and how to let the Lord comfort and assist you through each stage.

Marriage on
the Rock

13 Week [R130]

This group will be helping people who are facing marital problems. It will help the couple to refocus their life on God again and make Him the center of their household. It will also help them to deal with any past baggage that may have been brought into the marriage. They will also learn about communication, finances and the 4 laws of Marriage.

Divorce Care
14 Weeks [R250]

This group is to bring hope to people who have gone through a divorce, so they can discover that they can still do many things for the kingdom of God. The group helps people to find their healing from all the hurt that was caused by the Divorce and helps them with all the emotional stages pertaining to a Divorce.

Restoration Groups
10 Weeks [R100]

This group is to help people deal with broken relationships in their past. More specifically rejection that was experienced from a mother or a father, children or partner. By working through their past they become free from the bondage of rejection in their lives. This enables them to become a vessel that God can use. To join this group click on the “Find a group” button at the bottom of this page.

Casting Down

10 Weeks [R100]

This group is to help people deal with the root of Anger. By dealing with the hurt causing their anger it helps them to release the pain that is causing such a build up to result in anger. Bitterness and Forgiveness are the main chapters.

Casting out Fear/

10 Weeks [R100]

Learn how to come into perfect love where you can successfully fight fear. We also help you to learn how to apply faith so that there will be no room for anxiety or fear. We do this by understanding how to control our thoughts and not meditate on our fears.

Healing abused

10 Weeks [R100]

This group is to help women who have experienced physical, emotional or mental abuse in their relationship. This group helps them receive healing from the events and also find new hope for the future. We help you to heal from the trauma and build up a proper support structure.


10 Weeks [R100]

Learn to change and adapt your lifestyle that is contributing to your depression. It also teaches you how to gain control of your negative thoughts that put you into an episode of Depression. Most importantly, we
break down the lies that you believe about yourself and rebuild it into the image of Christ.

Divorce care 4 kids
14 Weeks [R200]

This group helps the children in a language that they understand (playing) to find healing from the Divorce experience that may be causing them to display dysfunctional behaviours. It also helps them to understand and adapt to any changes within their life style as a result of the Divorce.
Age 6-9

GriefShare 4 kids
10 Weeks [R200]

This group is to help children deal with losing a loved one. We assist the child through all the stages of grief and help them to deal with all the emotions that accompany it. We also help them to work through the
funeral experience and equip them for the longing/missing of the lost loved one. Age 6-9

Teens 4 Christ
10 Weeks [R100]

We help teenagers to deal with any hurt, anxiety, depression or anger they may be facing. We teach them how to deal with overwhelming thoughts, as well as emotions and how to handle it in trying times. As teenagers we understand that they are in a constant struggle to find their identity and we equip them to learn who they are in Christ.

GriefShare 4 Teens
14 Weeks [R250]

We offer support to teens who is facing grief due to the loss of a loved one. We help them to work through all the thoughts and emotions that accommodate grief. We also teach them about every stage of grief that
they will experience and how to let the Lord comfort and assist them through each stage.

If you have any queries or need more information please send an
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